Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

A tireless, drama-free, cost-effective workforce

Some tasks can be done equally well by people or computers—like monitoring surveillance video to detect intruders. However, people don’t really enjoy such things and computers offer distinct advantages:

  • Reduced HR costs.
  • Computers are never tired, distracted, upset, ill, or bored.
  • No lying, cheating, or theft.
  • Reliable, consistent performance.

Unravel complexity

Sometimes the answers we need are buried in a mountain of data. But human perception can be overwhelmed by too many inputs, so there's no way to analyze and find what's meaningful.

  • People are easily able to make sense of small sets of data—for example, the correlation between home price and home size.
  • But when there is too much data—like having six sets instead of two—our ability to see the correlations is overwhelmed by the complexity.

With machine-learning, more data just means more processing time. Correlations can be methodically found in data sets of any complexity.